Colombia Bird Experience is an initiative that comes from our passion to preserve and show the Colombian biodiversity through the experience of bird watching in the country with the largest number of species of birds worldwide.

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    Do I need to be an expert to participate in the tours?

    It is not necessary; all places offer sightings for beginners and experts. In any case, the guide will explain every detail so that everyone can understand this wonderful world.

    Is it necessary to bring binoculars to participate in the tours?

    Ideally, you should have your own binoculars for observation, especially for long-distance sightings, but it is not mandatory. We also recommend bringing a camera if you like nature photography.

    What is the minimum age to be part of one of the expeditions?

    We do not have a minimum age, but if we have people under the age of eight years old, we recommend that they come with a responsible adult.

    Is it mandatory to have travel insurance to participate in the excursions?

    It is not mandatory, but it is recommended that travelers have their travel insurance.

    What are the seasons like and how do they affect bird watching?

    We could say that during the dry months the birds get closer to the drinking fountains that are located in some of the reserves. In any case, thanks to the biodiversity of Colombia it is possible to see birds during all the months of the year.

    What is the best time for bird watching in Colombia?

    Every month allow you to observe birds in Colombia, but if you want to observe a particular type of bird, you can send us your questions or comments in advance and we will gladly inform you about the ideal moments to spot a specific species of bird.

    Where exactly (city) should I arrive to start the excursions?

    All excursions start from the city of Cali, in Valle del Cauca, one of the regions of Colombia with the highest number of bird species registered in Colombia.

    Why do you have to get to Cali to start the excursions?

    Cali is one of the main cities in Colombia and the headquarters of the Colombia Bird Experience. The geographical location (next to the Colombian Andes mountain range and crossed by several rivers) makes Cali a strategic place for bird watching, given the variety of ecosystems that are close to this city.

    Is transportation from the Airport to Cali and the return included?

    In some of our plans, transportation from the airport in Cali (CLO) to the Hotel is included, as well as the return to the airport after finishing the tour.

    Are the nights of accommodation included in the plans?

    Accommodation nights are included for all tours with more than one day of expeditions. This means that tours No. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 include all nights of accommodation.

    Is the lunch and dinner included in the sighting plans?

    No, only breakfast is included. Lunch and dinner will be at the discretion of the clients. We will always take breaks in restaurants for people to buy the food they want.

    Are the tips included? And what is the tip value normally in Colombia?

    No, the tip is not included in the price of each tour and visitors can decide in absolute freedom if they want to or not. In Colombia, 10% is used as a tip in some services, although it is also left to the discretion of each participant.

    It is the fee of entrance to the Parks and / or Reserves included?

    Yes, admission to all Parks and / or Reserves are included in our packages.

    Is it possible to go out without the guide or is it mandatory?

    The expeditions could be done with or without a guide, although the accompaniment of the guides is always recommended to achieve better information about the place and the birds that are present in each place.

    it is guaranteed that we will see all the birds that are promoted in each place?

    It is impossible to guarantee the observation of all the birds that are normally around the exploration points, but bird watching in Colombia is a relatively easy activity in many regions of the country.

    We have to be aware that we are observing animals in their natural habitat and their behavior is unpredictable.

    Is it possible to coordinate the departure times in advance?

    Yes, it is possible, please send a message in advance to coordinate all the details.

    What type of outfit or accessories should I bring for the expeditions?

    Since bird watching is an outdoor activity, it is advisable to bring:

    ✔Mosquito repellent.
    ✔Comfortable clothes in colors that blend with the vegetation such as greens, grays and browns.
    ✔Caps, kettles, hats, long-sleeved clothing to protect yourself from the sun.
    ✔Good grip trekking shoes and / or boots.
    ✔Bottle with water.

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